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* 16"x22" One side, * Rose, Anthurium, Orchid, Leuca Dendrum, Gerbera, Lucy Banboo & Green Mum * Store opening, Business Opening, Birthday
* Basket arrangement * Larkspur, Anthurium, Gerbera, Orchid * For funeral/memorial at funeral home or church.
* Spreading wings of orchids in a tall vase 17" x 21". * Dendrobium Orchid and Pink Roses
* Vase Arrangement, one side arrangement, 19" * Rose, Lily, Gerbera, Wax Flower * Love Message, Visits,  Birthday, and more
* Harmonious balance of pink and maroon in a clear vase. 21" x 17" * A Dozen Pink Roses with Lily
*  Rich mixture of cheerful colours in a towering clear square vase. 30" x 18" * Larkspur, Roses, Lily and Gerbera