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About Us

Welcome to Baxter Kobe Florist website.

Welcome to the website of Baxter-Kobe Florist.

Please get to know about us by glancing through below.

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Because… Therefore…
We are 3 minutes from "United Flower Growers", one of the largest flower auctioneers in North America We ensure fresh flowers with more selections from wide variety of flowers and plants, including imports from all over the world.
Our florists follow basic rules of taking care and preparing flowers, and don't cut around the corners. Our customers often compliment us for our exceptionally long lasting flowers.
Our florists are highly qualified and artistic in creating truly beautiful arrangements. Our customer's expectations are often exceeded, regardless of work sizes.
Our business premises belong to Baxter-Kobe Florists, and helps to cut down the overhead expenses. Due to our effective cost down, our prices are always more competitive.
Our florists are trained in Japanese style flower arrangements as well as Western. The Japanese flavor incorporated in the Western flower arrangements are simply exquisite!
Like to try?
Any flower arrangements available from our displays or website can be always flexibly customized. colors, prices, sizes of arrangement may be modified, simplified or customized according to your needs.
Baxter-Kobe prepares flowers for big occasions as weddings, funerals, business openings and parties, etc. Also, the more personal occasions as birthdays, anniversaries, new-baby, get-well flowers are also welcome, regardless of sizes.
Baxter-Kobe carries many unique collection of gifts and great variety of greeting cards, also. Exciting,


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Brief History:

Baxter-Kobe Flowers & Gifts opened in 1995 at 7658 Royal Oak Ave., Burnaby, BC, Canada. At that time, the store dealt with flowers, gifts, greeting cards, and some other items  such as chocolates and candies.  Subsequently, the greater demand for flowers, gifts and greeting cards by the customers required expansion in that area exclusively, to better  serve their needs.

Gradually, customers began to request more flowers tailored for all occasions such as large funerals, weddings, corporate parties, business opening etc.  To better serve these specialized requests, the flower section of our business was reorganized, and Baxter-Kobe Florist was created in 1998, as one division to concentrate more on the professional delivery of our flower services.

Presently, Baxter-Kobe Florist serves its wide-spread customers through the store outlet and internet. All of our friendly and helpful staff at Baxter-Kobe Florist always welcome any orders and will do their best to satisfy  your needs and requests.

Large variety of flowers, arrangements and bouquets for all occasions.
Creatively arranged by our experienced florists.

Carefully selected unique gifts from all over the world.

A thoughtful card adds a special touch to your gift.